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27.01.24 - 31.01.24 Gong Training Advanced, Bielsko-Biała / Poland

The experience of pure consciousness with gongs is often effective for days, sometimes weeks. At the latest at the Gong Puja, which we do together in the night from Saturday to Sunday, everyone experiences pure consciousness.... In Gong Training Advanced we work on making the effects of our sound journeys and sound meditations even more sustainable.

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20.07.24 - 24.07.24 Gong Training Basic, Weissensee / Austria

In addition to learning how to play the gong, the Gong Training Basic offers a creative laboratory in which new practical ways are created of how you can live more in your creative flow, become more intuitive, learn how to recreate energetic purity. A series of gong baths throughout this workshop will leave you feeling refreshed and energized at the end.

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