— the experience of pure consciousness
— return to the flow state
— finding peace within yourself
— the experience of self-fulfilment
— perceiving more creative impulses on a daily basis

The All Night Gong Puja is an unforgettable and beyond words experience. The majestic sound of the gong surrounds and permeates you, soothes and relaxes. The gong, an engine of empowerment, creates a spectrum of tones and vibrations that affect the auditory cortex and the human psyche in a way comparable to peak experience and initiation.

The multilayered and overtone-rich sound can evoke archaic experiences. At the same time a confidence-creating ceremony of purification, regeneration and renewal arises. Many people report that after a Gong Puja they feel healthier & full of energy.

We start the preparation for the Gong Puja with a movement, dance or breath meditation. During the Puja itself we meditate – or we sleep – a sleep like no other; where we are awake in a dream (yoga nidra). Throughout the night, gongs will be played by different gong players whilst guests sleep bathed in the healing vibrations of the gongs.

Some participants experience that their headache is gone and not uncommonly their spine or rheumatic pain disappears, burnout and depression is soothed. A feeling of lightness, together with enhanced clarity opens the door to new perspectives.

Emerging from this journey, when the sounds and stillness become one, moments of integration happen, very often the feeling of oneness arises. Afterwards you will feel younger, healthier, more energetic and more “at home in your own body”.

During the gong night you can meditate or sleep while the gong players pamper you with sounds and voice.