As organisms we are subject to the laws and rhythms of life. We know them. In every breath. Gong baths help at any age to be in tune and to return to the natural rhythms of our body and our energy system.

The gongs reach us not only through the sense of hearing. The majestic gong sounds penetrate, envelop and vibrate all the body’s cells and organs… The tone produced by the gong is called a “feeling tone” because you feel it in your body, as well as hearing it.

By superimposing several frequencies, a rich spectrum of overtones unfolds, which gently touches the whole body. It is impossible to describe or forget the experience.

Very often after a gong bath, headaches are gone and listeners feel free from unnecessary fears, refreshed, energized and full of spontaneous and creative thoughts.

Beneficial effects have been observed e.g. in chronic back pain and rheumatic complaints, in burnout and depression. After a gong bath participants often feel younger, full of energy, and more “in their bodies” – it is like coming home.

The resulting feeling of lightness, combined with a special clarity, is very beneficial for the development of new perspectives. Emerging from this journey, when ahata and anahata, the sounds and the silence become one, moments of integration and the feeling of oneness happen.

In New York, many celebrities, such as the Rolling Stones, let themselves be pampered with sound and voice in this very special way.