Stop managing your pain, start creating something new!!!


To live on a high level of energy it is best to be in a pure space, in which we are connected to the higher Self, our own centre (heart) and the mother energy of the Earth.

In each session I renew your connection with these three levels through clearing your aura and chakras from energetic burdens, foreign energies, old thought forms, self-restricting energy patterns, souls attached to your aura or people who wear you out.

The effects of these sessions include:
– freeing from headache,
– enhanced concentration,
– improved quality of sleep,
– letting go of “difficult times” into new lightness,
– overall well-being; physically, emotionally and spiritually,
– new perspectives, free from illusion and manipulation

A session is also possible when a specific topic has not yet crystallized but you feel resonance with my energy.

Each session is focused on clearing of your whole energy body, has a nourishing quality and includes no touch. It takes approx. 60 minutes, the first one usually 90 minutes, generally until the process is completed. As new layers can possibly be felt and recognised in the healing process, I offer help within a week through phone or skype which is free of charge.

The session does not replace the advice of a doctor.

We wish everybody lots of courage and persistence in search for loving oneness.

Slawomir Sówka, Ph.D.

Gong master, Kundalini Yoga teacher, practitioner and teacher of subtle energy healing (aka Spiritual Healing) and meditation with practices in Vienna, Austria and Bielitz, Poland, 12 years of project management in allergy and cancer research (Vienna, Zurich, New York), numerous scientific publications (allergology), his encounter with gong master Don Conreaux in a New Yorker café became the starting point of 20 years of working with the diversity of the gong sounds and their effects on the human energy system, rhythm, improvisation, overtone singing and subtle energy healing, two own CD recordings, leads gong trainings, gong baths, Gong Yoga, intuition trainings, family constellations (trained with Lorenz Wiest & Bert Hellinger) and individual sessions in Austria, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Poland, his natural, strong connection to the soul since early childhood allows him to support others in their development.


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@ the Shriyantra Center
Gudrunstr. 175, A-1100 Vienna
T: +43 699 12271006

July 9th – August 18th, 2023
in Weissensee-Haus, Techendorf 78, A-9762 Weissensee

Bielsko-Biala / Poland
ongoing sessions
Emilii Plater 18/6
43-300 Bielsko-Biala