Techniques to improve self-awareness and practical intuition – individual intuitive state – interpretation of the received information: inner images, symbols, metaphors and patterns as the language of intuition – practical intuition in decision-making – defined creative states for everyday life – hints for sorting out auto-suggestions – intuitive writing – structured exercises for practical intuition – connection & communication with the higher Self

Develop your practical intuition – it’s one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself! With a sharpened intuition you can simplify many things, protect your life and make better decisions…

Developing your own intuition is a chance to cope with our fast pace of life and the many simultaneous challenges. A person who acts intuitively stays calm and is much more efficient than the alarmists and scaremongers!

Based on intuition, self-awareness and creative states, you will train a series of advanced methods that have been developed by Slawomir in over 20 years of work, and you will receive individual coaching to further develop your intuitive abilities and communication with your higher Self.

In this training you will deepen your intuitive skills in order to broaden the horizon of answers and solutions for your everyday life. You will be able to define better your individual intuitive state. By practicing and anchoring this state, the contact with your higher Self and thus with your intuitive abilities becomes easier.

In a second step, you then interpret the received information. Just as you dream first and then interpret the dream, you receive intuitive readings first and then interpret them!

In this training course you will work with practical intuition, meditation, intuitive writing and the third eye; stepping out of the comfort zone, updating your goals and renewing your life. You will learn to use a clearly structured set of practical intuition tools and will be able to apply them later on.