• Discover your supernatural powers!
• Learn how to recognize and be aware of emotional vibrations without taking them over
• Experience pure chakras and subtle bodies and enjoy inner and outer purity for a week
• Improve your sleep quality by conscious journeying
• Learn how to get healing energy flowing for yourself and others!

It’s easy to confuse your personality with your true Self in everyday life. As in all of Slawomir’s seminars and trainings, the true Self, our true nature, our soul self-awareness is the primary focus. Above all, the most important distinction – between what comes from the personality self and what from the true Self.

We want to live our lives more fully and discover the secrets of our hearts. In this seminar we work on strengthening heart qualities and then anchoring them in our lives. Participants receive specific meditations and exercises that are part of the light body process and can be practiced at home.

For 7 days, Slawomir will support you experiencing pure bodies, pure consciousness and deepening spiritual healing work, Wake-up yoga (gentle) supports you in this process.


• Exercises to cleanse your bodies and energy centers on your own
• Criteria for pure bodies and pure chakras
• Specific meditations and gong sessions that result in the light body process
• The six-pointed star in the heart center – your soul self-awareness
• How to generate healing elementals consciously?
• Learn to overcome fears, doubts, worries and psychological resistance
• Expand your self-consciousness using noetical images
• learn to tune in to higher worlds
• conscious overcoming of the limits of your material body (exosomatosis = out of body)