Life only changes because your soul is ready for a change. – Charlotte Reed

When we are tuned in to our souls, we are at peace with ourselves and others. We see the possibilities in our lives and realize our potential. Family constellations support us in reconnecting with our souls and surrendering to the love that underlies everything.

This profound work with Dr. Sówka aims to illuminate entanglements and energetic blockages so that they can be released. Family constellations show in a clear and discernible way how destructive emotional tendencies & patterns, repetitive conflicts passed down through generations or our symptoms can be related and connected to significant events within family history and ancestry, and subsequently understood and healed.

Exploring events in the family of origin such as trauma, abuse, severe disease, early death, accidents, child loss or adoptions and accessing their hidden dynamics helps to recognize and then resolve deeply seated family patterns. The insights replace resentment with respect, and pain with understanding. The healing energy in family constellations flows to ourselves, our children and the whole family system benefits.

Dr. Sówka is a highly skilled mentor with 18 years of experience in leading family constellations, supporting hundreds of clients to their breakthroughs in individual and group work alike. He has a strong, natural connection to his soul which allows him to recognize central roadblocks in a person’s life. His strong, focused energy and keen insight facilitates all participants through the constellations in a safe and respectful way (all topics).

What are the common issues dealt with?
•  Finding your place in life
•  Dissolving bonds with former partners
•  Relationships with parents, trans-generational conflicts
•  Releasing the entanglement with ancestors and other persons
•  Healing situations where children emotionally become parents of their parents
•  Hidden dynamics underlying a symptom or illness
•  Systemic constellations regarding your business, dynamics in teams etc.
•  Resolving conflicts at a deeper level
•  Contentiousness and other relational issues

What is Entanglement?

One of the major contributions of family constellation therapy is to demonstrate the impact of our ancestors on our lives and especially our entanglement in the ancestors’ fate. This influence is not acknowledged in Western psychotherapy. According to Bert Hellinger each family system has a conscience that requires that all members be connected and remembered in a respectful way. When this is not the case and an ancestor has been excluded, forgotten or shunned, a family member born in a later generation can become “entangled” with that ancestor and present difficult emotions, contentiousness, irrational fears, inner unquiet, the feeling of helplessness, depression, isolation or illness. The aim of family constellations is to release such a heritage for the clients and to bring relief, reconciliation and help them live their own life.

What is the structure of the Family Constellation?

A group family constellation starts with an interview and a clear-cut intention. The facilitator decides which members of the family are needed. Representatives are then chosen from the group and the constellation is set up and worked in gentle steps until everyone feels empowered or at least relieved or a hidden dynamic is brought to light. Sometimes it ends with a closing ritual or advice on how to integrate what the constellation has revealed. A constellation can last from 15 minutes to over an hour.

Not everyone gets to do a piece of work. Dr. Sówka will choose the clients to work with according to their written information and his own inner images and insight.

What else can you gain from Family Constellations?

Besides specific issues you work upon as a client, you can experience insights and healing while being part of someone else‘s system. Participation in family constellations helps to move through layers of fears and illusions and relax into clear seeing of ‘what is’. Over time, participants develop a consistently better understanding of spiritual and healing laws and of forces working inside the families. Very often doors of fine perception open.