Gong Yoga

Gong Yoga according to Slawomir Sówka is a universal & transcultural system, based on the wisdom of the true Self, incorporating sound baths, visualizations, breathing and physical exercises combining ancient knowledge with the latest research results. At its heart is the experience of pure consciousness with gongs and the connection and communication with higher levels of the true Self, causing a radical development of your practical intuition and true identity.

On day and two-day seminars we start with grounding exercises (usually with a kriya), which are the basis of every self-healing through the energy flow in your body. First, we want to use movement and breath to open your lower energy centers more and free them from blockages. Through the lower chakras we obtain the vital energy from the energy field of the earth. As soon as you immerse yourself in the energy field of the earth in everyday life, you feel vital and full of energy.

The gong baths often lead you into a feeling of lightness, combined with a special clarity, which is very beneficial for the development of new perspectives. Emerging from this journey, when the sounds and stillness become one, moments of integration happen and often the feeling of oneness arises. Afterwards you will feel more energetic and more “at home in your own body”.

The breathing techniques of Gong Yoga, such as the fire breath, relax your diaphragm in a very effective way, leading to natural abdominal breathing and having numerous health-promoting and beneficial effects. As a result, the oxygen supply and the elimination of toxins from the body improve. The sinuses are cleared and a conscious and stable alpha state (deep relaxation) is created in the brain. In our version – with music and a chakra journey – the breath meditations can also be a lot of fun!

Specific visualizations designed to help you to connect with the higher levels of your true Self in order to build a space in your everyday life, in which your heart and head become one and you can find answers to the questions of your life.

Get to know Gong Yoga and raise your energy to a new level!